Wednesday, March 21, 2018

March 19th - DIORAMA-RAMA - Chicago

Location: Pizzeria Serio
Categories: Lisa, Alcohol
Episodes: They Saved Lisa's Brain, Brush with Greatness, Itchy & Scratchy Land
Winner An Election? That's One Of Those Deals Where They Close The Bars, Right?
Best Team Name: Alright, To Find Aaron And Warren, We Have To Think Like Aaron And Warren. "I'm A Big Trivia Weirdo And I Ask The Same Stupid Question Every Week." To Pizzeria Serio!

1.  An Election? That's One Of Those Deals Where They Close The Bars, Right?! - 46.5 pts
2. The Gays and the Italians - 46 pts
3. You Know, Simpsons Trivia Turned Into A Hardcore Sex Event So Gradually, I Barely Even Noticed  41 pts
4. One Of Our Team Members Is A Cannibal. Try To Guess Which One. I Think You'll Be Pleasantly Surprised. - 40.5 pts
5. Simpsons Trivia? I Thought This Was "Honk If You're Horny" - 38.5 pts
5. Aaron and Warren, They Didn't Have Any Dessert Pizza, So We Got You Some Cigarettes (came with a plastic cup with two cigarettes in it) - 38.5 pts
7. Larry Flint is right! - 37 pts
8. Uh… I Have A Team Name… neh…neh… neh… - 36.5 pts
9.  Our Team Doesn't Need a Big Ad or Even Correct Speling - 35.5 pts
10. We Are From the Land of Chocolate - 32 pts
11. Mein Scrod Basket Has A First Name, It's L-I-T-T-L-E. Mein Scrod Basket Has A Second Name, It's P-W-A-G-M-A-T-T-A-S-Q-U-A-R-M-S-E-T-T-P-O-R-T - 31.5 pts
12. Down With Trivia, Up With Miniskirts - 29.5 pts
13. And Now The Coup De Gras; A Bitter Snowstorm - 29 pts
14. Happy Birthday, Mary… Mary, It's Your Birthday - 28.5 pts
14. Oh, I Have Had It. I Have Had It With This Trivia, Skinner! The Low Trivia Scores, Team After Team Of Ugly, Ugly Children - 28.5 pts
16. How about Ghost Mutt? - 27.5 pts
17. The Bar Trivia Turned Into A Hardcore Sex Contest So Gradually, I Didn't Even Notice - 26 pts
18. You Kids Don't Know Our Trivia Team? The Wild, Shirtless Lyrics Of Mark Farner? The Bong-Rattling Bass Of Mel Schacher? The Competent Drumwork of Dan Brewer? Oh, Man! - 18.5 pts
19. You Know What? I Have A Team Name. Perhaps You'd Like To Announce It. - 25 pts
20. I Love the Sexy Slither of a Lady Snake - 22.5 pts
21. Alright, To Find Aaron And Warren, We Have To Think Like Aaron And Warren. "I'm A Big Trivia Weirdo And I Ask The Same Stupid Question Every Week." To Pizzeria Serio! - 17 pts
22. Beat Up Martin, Eat Up Martha - 13.5 pts
23. Up And At Them - 12.5 pts

Friday, March 16, 2018

March 13th, 2018 - Toronto

Location : Cadillac Lounge
Categories : Unkie Herb, Homer's Odd Jobs
Episodes : Itchy and Scratchy Land, Marge on the Lam, Homer Alone
Winners : Kwik-E-Mart Gougers: The Drunken Irish Novelists of Springfield
Matt Smith Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Team Naming: Simpsons Trivia! Home of Pirates, Drunks, and Whores! Simpsons Trivia! Reasonably Priced Cobb Salad and More! If You Want To Go To Hell, You Should Take a Trip, to the Sodom and Gommorah on the Queen West Strip!

* Does your team's score seem low? Don't blame the Bear Tax! You may have forgotten to hand in all your team sheets or changed your name half way through the night! Remember to hand them in at the end of each round or notify us if you've changed your name!*

1. Kwik-E-Mart Gougers: The Drunken Irish Novelists of Springfield - 45.5 pts
2. The Nelsons ft. I Like the Other Team So Polite - 44 pts
2. You Caught Us at a Real Bad Time, Matt Smith. We Hope You Understand We're Too Tense To Pretend We Like You. - 44pts
4. Beer Barons - 42.5 pts
5. We Don't Have a Full Team Name. We're, Uh, Like Cher. - 41.5 pts
6. Daddy's Chubby Little Secrets - 40 pts
7. Cheating at Trivia is a Victimless Crime... Like Punching Someone in the Dark - 39.5 pts
8. Simpsons Trivia! Home of Pirates, Drunks, and Whores! Simpsons Trivia! Reasonably Priced Cobb Salad and More! If You Want To Go To Hell, You Should Take a Trip, to the Sodom and Gommorah on the Queen West Strip! - 38.5 pts
9. Utility Grade Beef Council - 38 pts
9. Whether You Want To Win at Trivia or Crack a Nut, the Key is Persistence - 38 pts
11. Lee Carvallo's Feather Touch Power Drive - 37.5 pts
12. Cave 76 - 35.5 pts
13. Only One Day Until the Mountain Music Festival - 33.5 pts
14. Jeremy's Iron - 33 pts
14. So It's Come to This: A Simpsons Trivia Team - 33 pts
14. The Well Wishers, as in We Don't Wish Anyone Here Any Specific Harm - 33 pts
17. The Wallet Inspectors - 32 pts
18, The PTA Has Disbanded! - 30.5 pts
19. The Attractive Cousins - 30 pts
19. The Uncie Herbs - 30 pts
21. Bullfrogs? That's an Odd Name, I'd Have Called Them Chazwazzers! - 28.5 pts
21. Trivia! Mother! Secret Lover! - 28.5 pts
21. We Got Beat! - 28.5 pts
24. Guys Incognito - 28 pts
24. The Simpsons - 28 pts
26. Principal Kahoutek, Him and That Little Boy of His - 27.5 pts
27. My Team is Also Named Bort! - 26.5 pts
27. Nine Misfortunes - 26.5 pts
29. Accessories to Being Bears - 26 pts
30. Moe's Family Feed Bag - 25.5 pts
31. Sidewalk Surfing Cube Gleamers - 25 pts
32. Team Number Zero Zero Zero One - 23 pts
32. Trivia Delayed Due to Discarded Couch on Tracks - 23 pts
34. Someone's Attractive Cousin - 11 pts

Friday, March 9, 2018

March 6, 2018 - HAMILTON

Location:  Honest Lawyer on the Mountain, Hamilton
Episodes: Bart's Friend Falls in Love, Colonel Homer, Homer at the Bat
Round Theme:  Lisa
Winner: Idiot's Crappy Team for Jerks   
Winner Best Team Name:  To Find Gerry Hall I Have To Think Like Gerry Hall.  I'm a Big Ballcap Wearing Lame-o And I Host The Same Stupid Trivia Every...THE HONEST LAWYER!

1. Idiot's Crappy Team for Jerks                                 45         
2. Simpson's Trivia?  What Were You Guys 
Smoking When You Came Up Wtih That?                 44.5
3. The Team Surrounded By Arsonists And Kids 
With Mittens Pinned to Their Jackets All Year 
Round                                                                         41
3. To Find Gerry Hall I Have To Think Like 
Gerry Hall.  I'm a Big Ballcap Wearing Lame-o 
And I Host The Same Stupid Trivia Every...THE 
HONEST LAWYER!                                                            41
5. Mr. and Mrs. Erotic Canadian                                  38
6. We Need To Book A New Trivia Host.  Turns Out
That Gerry Hall Impersonator was really Gerry Hall    37
7. Can't We Have One Trivia Night That Doesn't 
End With Us Digging Up A Corpse?                            34.5
8. Woo Hoo! Classic Simpsons Trivia, Hurrah?!  I
Can't say I Approve Of The Woo Hoo, But The 
Hurrah Was Quite Heartening                                      33.5
9. First One Announcement, We Are Not Offer Child
Care Tonight.  I Don't Know Who That Guy Was You 
Were Leaving Your Chlidren With                                33                      
10. But Marge, That Host Hasn't Done Anything 
Funny Yet.  Look At Him.  He's Going To Do
Something And You Know It's Going To Be Good       30
11. This Team Name Sounds Polly-Wolly Crappy        24
12. Always Comes In Second...Last                             21.5
13. Okay                                                                       20.5
14. The Thrillho's                                                          15.5

Thursday, March 1, 2018

February 26, 2018 - Detroit

Location: Tipsy McStagger
Themes: Romance, Moe
Episodes: Tradh of the Titans, Bart’s Friend Falls in Love, A Star is Burns
Winner: Look out, Itchy! He’s Irish!

1) Look out, Itchy! He’s Irish! - 44.0
2) The Big Book of British Smiles - 42.5
3) Kwyjibo - 38.5
4) Pi is Exactly 3 - 37.5
5) Gudger College Alumni - 36.5
6) The Suckiest Bunch of Sucks That Ever Sucked - 35.0
7) Pin Pals - 32.5
8) Put Your Butt There - 28.5
9) Mmm... Open Faced Club Sand Wedge - 20.5
10) The Be Sharps - 16.0

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

February 27, 2018 - Kitchener-Waterloo

Location : The Jazz Room
Categories : Troy McClure, Countries of the World
Episodes : 22 Short Films About Springfield, The Old Man and the C Student, Das Bus
Winners : The Blurst of Teams
Best Team Name : Patrick = white, Jon = black

1. The Blurst of Teams - 48.5 pts
2. Haven't your learned anything from that guy at church, Captain whats-his-name? - 45 pts
3. Eastern Europe's Favourite Cat and Mouse Team - 44 pts
4. Worthy of Webster's - 42 pts
5. Rowdy Roddy Peepers - 41.5 pts
T6. Stewed Prunes - 39.5 pts
T6. Let's make a pact: This is gonna be the best trivia night ever, or we'll all agree to disband and join other trivia teams - 39.5 pts
T6. We've tried nothing and we're all out of ideas - 39.5 pts
T9. Our team may be ugly and hate filled but, wait... what was the third thing? - 34 pts
T9. Patrick = white, Jon = black - 34 pts
11. I will not cheat at trivia. I will not cheat at trivia. - 31.5 pts
12. Lil' Bandits - 27 pts
13. "Up With Miniskirts" - 13.5 pts

Friday, February 23, 2018

February 21, 2018 - Indianapolis

: Tappers Arcade Bar
Categories: Rev. Lovejoy, Finish The Quote
Episodes: The Last Temptation of Homer, I Love Lisa
Winner: Honor Rollers

1: Honor Rollers - 39
2: Leave Me Alone, I'm Here To Play George Washington! - 38
3: Brotherhood of Jewish Clowns - 37
4: Team Discovery Channel - 36
5: Pray for Mojo - 35
6: Possible Homer Sexuals - 34
7: Kwik-E-Smrts - 19
8: The Billies - 17

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

February 19th, 2018 - Chicago

Location: Pizzeria Serio
Categories: Lenny, Presidents
Episodes: I Love Lisa, Two Bad Neighbors, New Kid On the Block
Winner I Hate It When The Pizza Slices Stick Together. Sticking Together Is What Good Pizza Slices Do!
Best Team Name: GILTY (written on a cocktail napkin)

1.  I Hate It When The Pizza Slices Stick Together. Sticking Together Is What Good Pizza Slices Do! - 47 pts
2. Kiss Us And  Make Us Boogie - 45.5 pts
3. The Verdict Was Trivia Fraud  38.5 pts
4. Aww, Nothing Gets Pizza Out. See? - 37.5 pts
5. (Rappin Ronnie Reagan Voice) Well, Well, Well, W-W-W-W-Well, Well! - 37 pts
6. Loneliness and Trivia Are A Dangerous Mix - 35 pts
7. The Moon. For Several Years, She Has Fascinated Many. But Will Man Ever Walk On Her Fertile Surface? Democratic Hopeful Adlai Stevenson Says So. - 34.5 pts
8. Your Trivia Host Is Experiencing Difficulties. Please Do Not Panic. Resist The Temptation To Read or Talk to Loved Ones. Do Not Attempt Sexual Relations As Years of Trivia Participation Have Left Your Genitals Withered and Useless. - 34 pts
8.  Our Team Name Needs To Be Louder, Angrier and Have Access To A Time Machine - 34 pts
10. Eastern Europe's Favorite Cat and Mouse Team, Worker and Parasite - 32 pts
11. Ooh, I Want To Name Our Team the Krünk. Mmmm, You Don’t Want A Name That Overshadows The Trivia. How About Pöpli? Guysino! Everyone at Woo Hoo Simpsons Trivia Picks On The Pöpli Kids, Even I Do… I Just Hate Them So Much - 31.5 pts
12. Mr. and Mrs…. Superman. (Oh don't mind my husband… he's just an idiot.) - 30.5 pts
13.  And The Best Team Name Is *Clears Throat* Best Team's In The Rump* What? This Is A Travesty! Everyone Knows We’re The Best Team Name At This Ridiculous Trivia Night. Someone's Gotten To You, You Deceitful Cow! - 29.5 pts
14. GILTY (written on a cocktail napkin) - 28.5 pts
15. We Are The Mediocre Trivia Team. You Won't Find Us In First Place, Even In a Dream -28 pts
16. I Want To Help You, George Washington? Pfft, Even Your Team Name Is Square. - 23.5 pts
17. B-Sharps - 21.5 pts
18. Yo Mama Eats Chalk - 16.5 pts